Results for April 6, 2018

Event:  "Marks of a Healthy Church" 2018 Mid-Week Series
Date:  Thu, January 25, 2018 - Thu, May 24, 2018
Time:  8:00 pm
Place:  The Bothwell's. 51 Bond Ct. Guelph
Contact:  Pastor Matthew Kratz

Marks of a Healthy Church


The church wasn’t our idea—it was His. Jesus established the church as the natural arena for our spiritual growth, and our health depends on it. In this series, Dr. Mark Dever and Dr. Jonathan Leeman survey the marks of a healthy church, where we are called to display God’s glorious character in unity, holiness, and love. We can’t do it alone.

Series Outline

Phone:  519-856-1185

Event:  "Jeremiah & Lamentations": Everton Community Group
Date:  Fri, April 06, 2018
Time:  6:30 pm
Place:  The McDougall's: 5387 Wellington Rd. 49. Everton
Contact:  Beryl McDougall

On January 5th, we will begin a Navigators inductive study which encourages us to allow the Bible to study us. Our focus will be on the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. As much as we hope to avoid loneliness, sorrow, and suffering, we must learn how to accept them when they find us. Jeremiah was nicknamed “the weeping prophet” for his profound wrestling with these deep human emotions. The title of his second book, Lamentations, echoes Jeremiah’s intimate familiarity with them. By studying “the weeping prophet” and his faithfulness to God’s call, you’ll see more clearly who or what controls your own life.

We meet at 6:30 for supper followed by a discussion of the study and prayer, finishing around 9:30. We plan on meeting bi-weekly on Friday evenings in various homes in and around Everton. We welcome anyone who wishes to attend regularly, or even only once in a while.

Phone:  519-856-9603